A Guide To Buying Stained Glass

Stained GlassStained glass is re-entering modern design and can be found in more homes and offices than ever before as a window treatment, piece of furniture or ornate décor. Available as an antique or recently made, stained glass can be purchased in small, local shops as well as large chain department stores. It can also be purchased online from sellers around the world. But to purchase the piece that you want, make sure you know the type of stained glass you want.

Antique stained glass will be more expensive and more delicate. However, these pieces are rare, hand crafted and most likely one-of-a-kind. A more cost-effective stained glass window, lamp or décor will still most likely be produced by hand but with modern production methods that make the coloring and construction more consistent. These are reasonably priced but can lack individual uniqueness if that’s what you’re looking for in a stained glass piece.

Head to your local antique shop or furniture store for finished glass pieces like decorations or lamps. Before purchasing, inspect the item for cracks, damage or weak joints. Full stained glass windows can be purchased online direct from artists or antique dealers that sell original pieces from when stained glass first became functional art. While its safer to purchase from a store, there is a wider variety of stained glass pieces available online. Buying stained glass over the Internet also allows you to search for specific colors, designs or sizes of glass.

No matter where you decide to purchase from, it’s crucial that the piece is wrapped, bagged and shipped carefully. Stained glass, like clear glass is extremely fragile, but more difficult to fix or replace. Check on the shipping and return policy, especially if you’re buying online. Vintage pieces should come with a certificate of authenticity provided at the time of sale. Also look into the reputation of the dealer and online seller before ever making a decision. Good stores and sellers will have good reputations of delivering high quality stained glass.

Buying stained glass can be overwhelming. That’s why it important to know what type of piece you want and how much you are willing to spend. From there you can begin your search and narrow down sellers and pricing. Stained glass isn’t just for churches anymore. In fact, stained glass can be used throughout a home for internal and external windows as well as lamps, vases, décor and even furniture. With antique and modern-made stained glass available, its only a matter of finding what you want and asking the right questions.