Protective Covering Gallery

A carefully crafted stained glass window has a variety of purposes. For starters, a stained glass window can visually enhance your religious, business or residential building. The beauty of the artwork, coupled with an array of radiant colors provides a unique glow to your establishment. Moreover, the detailed craftsmanship can encapsulate a special moment in time and help tell a specific story that is pertinent to your faith or beliefs. When done professionally, a stained glass window can not only be aesthetically pleasing, it can also be can an irreplaceable aspect of the building.

In order to help protect the longevity of an inimitable stained glass window, Cumberland Stained Glass offers protective covering services. A protective stained glass window covering from Cumberland Stained Glass is installed with maintenance free aluminum and is vented to prevent heat and moisture accumulation. Further, the cover protects the lead glass window from various elements, flying objects, and vandalism, ensuring that your stained glass window will last for years to come.