Protect Your Stained Glass Windows

Heat and moisture build-up around stained glass windows slowly wears away the glass and the lead came between the panes. This can cause the glass to warp and weaken, damaging the overall pattern or scene. Cumberland Stained Glass installs protective coverings to preserve the integrity of your stained glass windows and bolsters their strength.

Our stained glass experts carefully measure and examine the area, and build a bronze and aluminum frame which will attach to the existing window framework. The window’s structure is reinforced with horizontal T-bars matching the lead T-bars of the window. Mildew-resistant silicon seals the frame in place and protective glass barriers prevent weathering along the stained glass. The glass barriers are vented at the top and bottom to promote airflow and prevent heat or moisture from building up.

Whether you have new stained glass windows or you have antique classics, a protective covering will extend their longevity and prevent damage. Contact Cumberland Stained Glass today to install a protective covering over your stained glass windows.