Custom Stained Glass Services

Stained Glass Window Restoration

We will photograph and document windows, completely dismantle stained and leaded glass, hand clean all glass and frames, restore with the best quality lead and reinstall the window as it was intended to appear when it was originally installed.

New religious windows

We meet with committees, architects, and contractors to determine their needs and wishes, and work closely with them through the design phase, help with the selection of glass, and fabricate windows and installation. Committees are always welcome to visit our studio at any phase of the project.

New residential windows

Meetings are held with the client to discuss window options and design, then the client approves the final drawing and cut glass before glazing. We fabricate the window and perform an installation. Stained glass can be used in doors, windows, transoms, cabinets and as an accent. See how we have used stained glass in our customers’ residences.

New business windows or signs

We meet with a designer, architect, and client to determine needs, design the window to fit the opening and get the client’s approval of the design. We then fabricate and perform the installation.

Protective covering

The scaffold will be used to reach the exterior side of the windows.

CSG Inc. will install a new, maintenance- free, bronze or aluminum frame attached with stainless steel screws to existing window framework.

The horizontal T-bars will match the stained and leaded glass T-bar locations. CSG Inc. will install new ¼”, clear, annealed glass into new framework

The glass will be sealed with a mildew resistant silicone sealant to the new aluminum frame. All protective glass will be vented at the top and bottom of each window.

This venting will prevent heat and moisture build-up. Heat build up between the stained and leaded glass and the protective covering accelerates the deterioration of the lead and glazing compound. This new vented protective covering on the exterior will be pleasing in appearance and will be more functional to preserve the stained and leaded glass windows.

Ventilator replacement

We perform removal of the old steel ventilator and frame and replace it with a Double glazed ventilator. This ventilator will carry the stained glass and the protective covering. Piggy -backing of protective covering on old steel ventilators is not an acceptable option.

Stained Glass Window Repair

Flat and bent glass
Glass will be matched as closely as possible and reinstalled into the shade.

Fire Restoration

Exact replication of fire destroyed stained and leaded glass windows from photos. The removal of fire damaged stained and leaded glass windows, storage, restoration, and reinstallation. New frame replication using wood or aluminum for stained and leaded glass windows damaged by fire or flood. The cleaning of smoke and soot off of stained and leaded glass windows from fire damaged building. Repairs to stain and leaded glass windows from fire venting practices. (ax chopping holes in windows)