Are Protective Coverings for Stained Glass Windows Necessary?

Protective coverings for stained glass windows, while not always necessary, are generally something that will extend their longevity and help prevent damage. Cumberland Stained Glass regularly applies properly vented protective coverings to stained glass windows.

Research has shown that one square inch of venting on the top and bottom of a window’s protective covering installation for every 16 square feet works well. Venting allows heat build-up to escape while also allowing for the window to dry out between condensation cycles.

Protective coverings are often used on windows located in areas where they’re likely to be vandalized and/or areas known for especially stormy weather conditions. In addition, coverings can help moderate temperatures inside the building. For instance, polarized coatings can reflect heat off the glass during hot summers, keeping the interior cool, while working in the opposite way during the winter to help keep the interior warm.

Over time, stained glass windows deal with both heat and moisture build-up, and this can wear away at the glass and the lead between panes. When this happens, the glass tends to warp and weaken, and Cumberland Stained Glass is called to come install protective coverings to help preserve the integrity of the window(s) and strengthen them.

Whether you have brand new stained glass windows or antique classics, Cumberland Stained Glass recommends protective coverings such as glass barriers that are vented to promote air-flow while also preventing heat or moisture build-up. Ultimately, protective coverings give stained glass windows a longer life than those without coverings.

Stained glass windows, because of their beauty, are meant to last a very long time. Sometimes, however, they need maintenance or refurbishing. When you need special attention given to your stained glass windows to make them the best they can be, including the installation of protective coverings, call 717-691-8290. Cumberland Stained Glass of Mechanicsburg, PA, is well known for making stained glass repairs, restorations, designs and more.