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Religion and Stained Glass

Stained Glass in the Church of Saint Severin, depicting Jesus taken from the Cross on the lap of Mother Mary

Stained glass windows have long been a hallmark of spiritual spaces. Not only do they connect congregations to their faith, but they add a resonant beauty to contemporary spiritual practices. While their beauty can steal the show, these windows are more than just decoration – they embody a rich heritage of storytelling and symbolism, and even… Read more »

Why Religious Buildings Continue to Use Stained Glass

Religious woman in a church looking at the light shining through a stained glass window

Stained glass windows have been a traditional part of religious architecture for decades and continue to be incorporated into the modern church, temple, and mosque designs today. They have a rich history of visual symbolism and offer many practical benefits to the people surrounded by their invigorating beauty. On account of the complex artistry involved,… Read more »