Beauty Still Exists in a World of Pain

Church WindowJust glancing at the news nowadays and you’re in for one heck of a rude awakening. There is so much tragedy on a daily basis and we understood that the news stations all across the country are prone to stories that lean toward the macabre; after all, they need to get those ratings and being scared and sad is a surefire way to bump up ratings.

There is a crass, lacking beauty in today’s world. It’s tough to even contemplate that a sliver of beauty exists on the airwaves, but at Cumberland Stained Glass, Inc., we assure you that beauty does still exist in the world and want to help you see it.

Say, you’re walking down some street at night. Maybe you’re having relationship problems. Maybe you’re unhappy at your jobs. Or maybe you simply glanced at the news. Whatever your reasons are, know that you’re feeling down. As you’re walking around aimlessly, your eyes stumble onto something off in the distance. It almost looks like neon, but more beautiful.

Because the moonlight is hitting it just right, it’s burning a hole in the fabric of night. It’s glowing like a carnival and suddenly you find all your bad feelings and anxieties are on the shelf. It’s a bit of surprise; you can’t remember the last time good feelings swept you up like a broom. As you come closer, you realize that it’s a church that you’ve been staring it and its stained glass windows. It’s the first time you ever really noticed the awe-inspiring beauty of stained glass. It’s a…masterpiece.

At Cumberland Stained Glass, Inc., we take the design, fabrication, installation, and restoration of quality stained and leaded glass windows very seriously. After all, these things have lifted up the soul for centuries, have opened up the eyes to see that the world, in its beating heart of hearts, is a beautiful place. Isn’t that what we need more than ever nowadays?