How Can Stained Glass Windows Benefit Your Business?

We live a Wal-Mart world where most things are utilitarian. Get people in, get people out, and don’t pay too much attention to what a place looks like, right? In an era of “big box stores,” it’s hard to find buildings and places that truly stand out from one another. If you’ve seen one Wal-Mart you’ve seen them all.

Take windows, for example. If new buildings today even have windows, they’re pretty standard. They’re clear and you can see through them. Maybe they have shades. They’re typically rectangular in shape. Nothing too exciting, right?

How, then, can a business set itself apart from the competition? One way is by incorporating stained glass windows. They’re not just for churches anymore.

Stained glass automatically elevates the look of any place where it’s found. From restaurants to hotels, and boutiques to gift shops, stained glass windows have a colorful and elegant look to them. They communicate to passersby that someone cared enough to take the time to add something artistic in that spot. Indeed, stained glass windows are attention-getters.

Did you know there are certain businesses people make a point of visiting just to see and admire their stained glass windows? After all, most stained glass is one-of-a-kind, and has intrinsic beauty that’s not easily duplicated. There can be all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes of glass within stained glass, forming abstract or more direct designs.

Today’s stained glass windows can include elements that showcase something unique about a business, with colorful dolphins, butterflies, flowers and other feel-good elements in them. When light shines through them, they warm a place up!

Overall, besides grabbing people’s attention and making a place look more elegant, stained glass windows in businesses also provide a soothing, calming presence– many are mesmerized by them in a positive, almost spiritual way.

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