How to Be Proactive in Caring For Your Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows How can you keep your stained glass windows in good shape over the years?

Make Simple Repairs

If you need to make simple repairs, you can use some putty, darkened with lamp back. Push the putty into loose areas using your fingers or a blunt piece of wood. After a few days, get rid of excess putty using a putty knife. If you prefer, mix your putty with linseed oil which makes it easier to brush onto a window. The excess can be wiped off using newspaper. Ideally, you want to stiffen up your stained glass window and make it more airtight. If there’s a crack in your window you can leave it alone. Or you can glue it using clear epoxy cement. It’s your call.

Brace Sagging Windows

For those who have a sagging window, see if you can remove it from its sash. If so, brace it up against a stiff piece of cardboard or plywood. Lay it on a flat surface and leave it for several days. Eventually, the sagging will go away! Handle it carefully, of course.

Protection from the Elements

When possible, don’t expose stained glass window lead to the elements– use exterior storm sashes to help protect them. You can also utilize interior storms, too. They’ll help insulate and stabilize your window(s).

Cleaning Methods

Do you want to clean your windows? If so, combine kitchen soap with glass cleaner. Then use a lint-free towel or newspaper to clean them.


For stained glass on a door that gets opened and shut often, consider adding stops which can help prevent them from breaking if they swing open or shut too quickly. For stained glass in skylights, it’s a good idea to buffer them using a thick Plexiglass, which will help give the window better support.

Professional Stained Glass Repairs and Restorations

If you have stained glass windows that could use repairs or restoration, consider giving Cumberland a call. Cumberland Stained Glass can also add protective coverings where needed and do ventilator replacements. Basically, if you’re like most people, you don’t want to deal with your windows for fear of breaking them or harming them, right? That’s why it’s a good idea to call a trusted company like Cumberland who deals with stained glass all day, every day. Cumberland Stained Glass is located in Mechanicsburg, PA, and can be reached by calling 717-691-8290 or emailing [email protected].