Selling Points on Stained Glass in the Home

Stained GlassStained glass was once only used as an alternative for traditional glass windows in churches. The colors and images depicted religious figures and became synonymous with classic, renaissance buildings. After years of manufacturing and popularity, stained glass windows fell out of the spotlight. Luckily, they are making a comeback and are now being used for way more functions that church windows.

Antique or custom created stained glass is being made and installed in homes around the country. It might be hard to imagine where a brightly colored, ornate glass window would fit in a home, but there are actually a ton of places – and examples. First of all, stained glass can be used in place of clear glass French or double doors. Colored to match the outside of your home, these pieces are one of a kind and become the focal point of your entire exterior.

Since stained glass also offers security. As it can’t typical be seen through, these types of windows are the perfect addition for bathrooms. Whether created with just one color or a variety of colors and designs, they function as a window and also as a piece of décor. They can be used right next to tubs, showers and toilets allowing light in but not prying eyes.

Stained glass also doesn’t have to be a rainbow of colors and the size of a door or large window. Stained glass pieces can have one simple design, maybe created in black or gray, which swirls through clear glass. Or perhaps you want just one solid color, which can also simply be done. Living rooms, kitchens and finished basements are all additional places where stained glass could be a great fit.

Because each stained glass window is so unique, you’ll likely be able to find out or have one constructed that has the color and theme you’re looking for. Adding this element to your home can bring an interesting element to any room. A stained glass window or door can add fun, depth or intrigue it all depends on which type of stained glass décor you choose to make a part of your home.