Should I Repair or Replace My Residential Stained Glass Window?

Stained Glass Windows for PrivacyWhen a home has a stained glass window, how do you know when these unique kind of windows need to be repaired or replaced?

What is the Age of Your Stained Glass Window?

Consider the age of the window. If you live in a particularly old home, there’s a chance your stained glass window is over 100-years-old. Once a window gets to be over 100, it’s probably time for such much needed “TLC” to clean and/or maintain it.

Blemishes to Consider on Your Stained Glass Window

What should you look for? Notice if there are any scratches or abrasions on the glass, impeding its clarity. Perhaps chemical agents and/or smog has built up on the glass over the years causing it to look dingy and dated. Does the window “no longer shine” like you remember it used to? Are there any tiny chips or cracks in the glass? What about broken panels? If you’ve got broken panels, that’s messing with the overall structure of the window, and that’s not good.

Examine the Leaded Glass

What’s the main way leaded glass breaks down? Typically, it’s all about the skeletal structure holding it in place. Frames (or the leaded came) can rot, deteriorate or sag over time. When this happens, glass near the “edge” can crack. If it’s not taken care of promptly, there’s a chance the stained glass could fall out. All it takes is a strong wind or vibration for loose glass to fall!

Don’t Fret Over the Dirt

Residential Stained Glass WindowsOlder stained glass can become dirty. This could be due to pollution, smoke and/or oxidation. Dirt, grime and soot can build up on either or both sides of the glass. Sometimes the window becomes so dirty that colors look different– pink looks red, purple looks black, etc. You’d be amazed at how much a professional cleaning can restore shine, sparkle and color to stained glass that hasn’t been cleaned in years.

Small or Large Repairs?

Much of the time there are just some small repairs needed… but what about replacement? When the lead in the windows weakens, the window might end up bowing outward or inward. Leaks can occur. This is when you might need to replace the whole window and start over. If a window has big cracks, corrosion and mold, it’s probably time for replacement.

Water Damage Can Cause Major Issues

Water damage is a main reason people have to get their stained glass windows replaced. Water damage happens when grout fails, breaks in the glass allow for leaks, and/or the lead has fatigued and the window is no longer water-tight. Even if you use protective glass or storm windows to help protect your home’s stained glass window, it can still be ruined by weather elements. Years of ice and wind storms may render a window obsolete. If you look at a window and say, “I’ve got to get that replaced,” then it’s time to do just that!

Stained Glass Repair Professionals

Stained Glass Windows If you were to fix your window yourself, you’d discover that repairing leaded glass is possible but it’s also hard work. Stained glass window repair (and replacement) requires a high level of skill. Do you have soldering experience? Are you prepared to work with some toxic materials? Do you have the necessary tools and knowledge for this kind of work? If you’re like most people, the answer is a resounding, “No!”

Cumberland Stained Glass is a company with experts who know how to fix and/or replace stained glass windows. Colors and shapes can be matched. The lead came can be re-soldered. Frames can be reattached. Imperfections can be filled. Restoration is possible for most windows. If you have a stained glass window in/at your home and it has cracks, chips or missing pieces, why not have Cumberland Stained Glass investigate and see what could be done to fix these problems? And if you have a window that’s “too far gone to be saved,” did you know Cumberland Stained Glass makes custom windows and accents to add to any area of your home? Today, stained glass windows can be made in nearly any color, shape or design. From classic to contemporary, Cumberland makes beautiful, new stained glass windows for homes.

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