Things to Know About Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass WindowsStained glass windows are perhaps most associated with Gothic churches, but lately stained glass has become popular in people’s everyday homes.

There are variations on the stained glass window idea, from window panels to hangings and then some.

Window panels add color to a room. They’re not a whole window, but that’s fine, as they’re suspended from a window frame using a thin chain. This way the panel can easily be removed as needed, for cleaning purposes and/or to switch panels out depending on the season. You’re likely to find stained glass window panels for sale at art galleries and craft fairs. Rather than form the entire window, they’re like a piece of a puzzle, added to a more plain-looking window to spice it up with color and drama.

Stained glass window hangings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and like panels, they can be hung wherever you’d like them to go. For instance, perhaps you’ve seen small, hand-sized stained glass window hangings at craft fairs– the kind that you can stick to a window using a suction cup and hook. If you have a door that has a window in it, perhaps you could put a stained glass hanging on the window of the door to enliven its overall look.

Did you know that stained glass may use opalescent or cathedral-type glass? Its texture can be beveled, crackled, and/or seedy. And, of course, the arrangement of the glass within a frame ultimately helps create the one-of-a-kind look people wish to have.

Some of the traditional patterns you’ll find in stained glass include religious symbols, flowers, clovers, birds, and geometric shapes.

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