Three of The Most Famous Stained Glass Pieces

Stained glass is typically thought of as only being in churches. There are world-famous stained glassImage of the Chartres Cathedral stained glass pieces all over the world, and while some are in churches, many had their start in estates and museums. No matter where they are from or where they reside, they are all beautiful works of art. Below are three of the most famous stained glass pieces!

Frank Lloyd Wright Window

This window was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1907 for an estate in Illinois. The primary colors contrast sharply against the unstained glass, and the sharp lines and dark squares offer a unique geometric amalgamation. It is said that the piece was inspired by a parade, with the circles in the window reminiscent of balloons, whereas the squares are meant to be confetti and flags. This piece is currently in the MET Museum in New York City.

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Upon first glance, the most striking aspect of this building’s appearance is its vibrant stained glass. However, upon closer inspection, the stained glass tells a story. There are famous moments in Dutch television etched into the glass, so passersby may need to squint and view from certain angles to see them. This museum is located in Hilversum, Netherlands.

Stained Glass of Chartres Cathedral

The Chartres Cathedral was made into a designated World Heritage site in 1979, and for good reason. Built between 1190-1220, the Cathedral is adorned with 167 stained glass windows, ranging in depictions of Biblical stories, to stories of nobles and knights. These pieces are the most complete group of surviving stained glass. This Cathedral is located in Chartres, France.

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