Tips for Maintaining Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Window MaintenanceOne reason people like stained glass windows is because they don’t show dirt as much as clear windows do… that said, they can get dirty.

How to Keep Them Clean

What’s the best way to keep stained glass windows clean? If you dust the surfaces with a soft brush or dry cloth, you should be good. If you think there’s a need for a more intense cleaning, then use a soft cotton cloth and pH neutral solution mixed with water.

What to Avoid Doing

Basically, when cleaning stained glass windows, you want to avoid using any acidic solution. Therefore, avoid products with ammonia or vinegar in them. Acidic solutions can attack the metal structures holding the panes of stained glass together– so you don’t want to weaken them.

Also, don’t use a scouring pad or washing powder because those things scratch the glass. Interestingly, you could use crumpled-up newspaper to clean your windows, as well as old rags or even old toothbrushes. For those tiny pieces of glass or when you need to reach into a tight corner, try cotton buds/cotton swabs– you know, the kind most people use to clean out their ears.

Plane by Plane

It’s best to clean pane by pane. Don’t spray liquid directly on the glass. Instead, spray it onto your cloth. If and when you find streaks on the window(s) afterward, you can use a dry cloth with a small amount of dry whiting powder to help eliminate streaks and marks.

Sometimes people find loose things on their windows, including metal reinforcers or putty. Typically, if they find something loose they just tear it off and throw it out without much thought… but that’s not good. Loose things on windows need to be repaired or replaced. Also, over time window glass may expand and contract. When this happens, the metal doesn’t fit the glass properly. Bars may break. Again, this is the time when you need professional restoration work done so your windows won’t have further damage.

Professional Stained Glass Windows Repairs and Restorations

Cumberland Stained Glass can handle repairs, restoration work and replacements. Our stained glass experts know all about stained glass windows and can easily spot problems. Should you need help figuring out whether or not your stained glass needs some “TLC,” please call Cumberland Stained Glass at 717-691-8290 or email [email protected].