Why Stained Glass is Used In Churches

Stained Glass Window In Church

If you’ve ever been in or around a church, you’ve likely admired the beautiful stained glass works of art that can be seen proudly displayed throughout.

While these stained-glass pieces are certainly beautiful and bring an artistic presence to each church they are housed in, there are a few more reasons why they are so commonly used.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at a few of these reasons, and why stained glass has been used so prominently in churches throughout the world

It Tells a Story

Most churchgoers are used to listening to a priest read from the bible, and many people read the bible themselves in their spare time, but words can only convey so much.

For years, stained glass windows have been extremely popular in churches as they help tell the story of Jesus and certain stories from the bible through picture.

While these pictures or works of art are still useful today, they were even more so in olden times, when many churchgoers had difficulty reding or could not read at all. These images would help them gain a greater knowledge and appreciation for certain scenes in the bible that they otherwise may not have been able to grasp.

The images that are placed on these religious stained-glass windows depict these scenes in a hauntingly beautiful light, that will stick with people throughout their entire lives.

Stained glass windows are much more than mere decoration, they really are essential to help embed religious ideals into church walls.

It Conveys a Message

Similarly, the images that are selected by a church are usually always picked to convey a certain message. While the story itself is important, it is often the greater message that will stick with those who attend a church service.

Unlike a sermon that may only be told once a week, stained glass windows are always there to convey a message to all who enter the church.

It’s Unique

Whether a church is full, or is being visited by one person, a stained-glass window will stand out and be easily noticed. No two stained glass windows are alike, and each specific artist has their own way of interpreting and conveying biblical passages, making them a great tool for separating one church from another in your area.

It Provides Intentional Light

While stained glass windows are certainly an effective means of allowing natural light into the interior of a church, the way the light goes through this glass is often done intentionally.

The light that goes through these windows has an enchanting effect on the people and spaces inside of the church and there are an almost endless supply of colors that can be used.

Light plays off of each color in different ways and can create a different feel or atmosphere for a church depending what is desired. Oftentimes, colorful stained-glass windows with reds and pinks can take on a great significance for parishioners and are regularly referred to as a “window to the heavens.”

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