3 Reasons to Give Stained Glass as a Wedding Gift

If you’re attending a wedding soon, you probably have already begun to think about what to gift.A beautiful Floral Stained Glass Piece by Cumberland Stained Glass

While some couples opt for a registry, many leave it up to you to decide! There are many standard wedding gift guides around, but consider giving a stained glass piece instead of running the risk of getting the same thing as someone else. They are beautiful, custom-created, installed, and with proper care, last a lifetime. Below are a few reasons why the happy couple will adore the gift.

1. Unique

Think of some typical wedding presents. You probably thought of picture frames, stemware, or cooking appliances, right? While these gifts are great, choosing a gift that will stand out will leave a lasting impression. A unique gift allows the recipient to make it a focal point of their home. Rather than it being tucked away in a cabinet or only used on certain occasions, your guests can see it daily and tell others about it.

2. Thoughtful

Taking the time to design a stained glass feature piece shows just how much you truly care. You are giving a gift that can be taken from home to home and is created especially for them; what is more thoughtful than that?

Bonus Tip: If you’re close to those getting married, you can ask them what flowers are in the wedding. Then during your consultation, you can ask if those flowers can be incorporated into the stained glass.

3. Long-Lasting

It is a tradition to pass things down to the younger generation. And while they can look at the wedding photos and hear the stories, how special is it that they could be looking at the same piece of stained glass that their grandparents looked at years prior? Experiences like that are wonderful, and it can all start with a stained glass piece.

At Cumberland Stained Glass, we pride ourselves on creating thoughtful, ornate, stained glass pieces. To get started on your stained glass service, please call us at 717-691-8290.