Iconic Stained Glass In Media

While we’ve spoken about famous stained glass before, we mainly focused on glass done by specific A black background that has a roll of film artists or in specific locations. What about the other depictions of stained glass? For many people, their instruction to stained glass is in popular media such as movies or tv shows. No matter the introduction, it leads to a lifelong appreciation for stained glass. Below are some works of media where stained glass (almost) stole the show!

Beauty and the Beast

This classic 1991 movie both opens and ends on large pieces of stained glass- the latter being perhaps one of the most iconic displays of stained glass in modern media. The first set of glass depicts the curse of the Beast and all who live in the castle. The final stained glass is set under a large rose, and shows the happily-ever-after ending of Belle and the Beast.

Spirited Away

Released in 2001, this iconic animated film has a simple, yet critical piece of stained glass. The piece of stained glass itself is relatively plain; it is a circle with four quadrants of colors: blue, red, green, and yellow. While it may seem unremarkable, the glass in the film represents a passage between two worlds!

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

The iconic 1989 addition to the Indiana Jones franchise holds an impressive piece of art! Much like the other examples, this piece of glass is also used to drive the plot- the main character, Indiana Jones, happens upon a large stained glass window in a library. The stained glass is significant because it depicts a key knight and contains numerical hints and clues!

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