Stained Glass More than Just Windows

Stained GlassWhen someone says “stained glass,” people most commonly think about windows. These huge, colorful windows that can be found in churches and historical buildings throughout the world are the only way stained glass is used. This material is actually used to make one-of-a-kind gifts that can be given for any sort of holiday, birthday or even just because. Since a full-sized stained glass window might be hard to buy and wrap, you could always give on of these gifts instead.

Stained glass is used to make night-lights that can be used for children afraid of the dark or adults looking for a piece of décor. They come in shapes like animals and plants all full of color. They can also be abstract shapes and designs. When the light shines through the pieces of stained glass, the color reflects on the wall for a much more interesting illumination that a typical plastic night-light that glows white or yellow.

On a larger scale, stained glass is also used in the creation of lampshades and light fixtures. With a variety of bases from wood to metal, these types of lampshades can be quite the conversation piece. Light fixture, with adorn to a wall instead of a base, are made of smaller pieces of stained glass welded together. These pieces can be found made in floral designs, patterns and in all different shapes, square round, rectangle and more.

For women and girls that love color, stained glass jewelry is another gift idea. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces can all feature pieces of color glass set in gold or silver. Having the beauty of stained glass in your home is one thing, but being able to wear the beauty and artisanship of stained glass around town can be even better. Blue glass jewelry can make someone’s blue eyes stand out, while a necklace featuring a rainbow of stained glass just demands attention.

From small to large, there is a stained glass gift for every occasion. You might not want to commit to a stained glass window in your home, but a night-light or lamp can be the perfect addition to a living room or bedroom. Buying this type of glass jewelry for a friend, family member or significant other tells them that they are unique and deserve jewelry that is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.