Why Stained Glass Window Restoration Is Worth It

Stained Glass Window Restoration Services near Mechanicsburg, PAIf you own a home, business, or other building with original stained glass windows, you may be considering how you can best leverage their unique beauty. Older windows that have lived through a greater amount of wear and tear are probably in need of a little TLC to bring them back to their original quality.

So, the question is whether investing in professional stained glass window restoration is worth it or if you can get away with leaving them in their deteriorated condition.

Here’s why, if possible, you should always choose to restore your stained glass windows:

Strengthen the color of the glass.

Over time, the effects of weather and build up of dirt and debris can greatly dull the original colors in your stained glass windows. If you never knew them in their initial state, you might not even realize how much potential there is to enhance the different hues and the effect of how they refract throughout your space. Having the glass restored will brighten and deepen the colors, reinstating them to their original beauty.

Preserve the harmony of the design.

Of course, instead of restoring or leaving your stained glass windows be, you may be considering replacing the damaged areas altogether. The problem is that matching original colors, materials, patterns, and textures with new glass is very difficult (and often expensive). The replacement glass will be noticeably different and disrupt the flow of the piece. Restoration of the original glass is the best way to preserve authenticity and maintain the aesthetic integrity of stained glass windows.

Extend the life of your stained glass windows.

When you restore original stained glass windows, you not only improve them aesthetically, but structurally as well. With the newer materials and advanced glass-making technologies we have today, the frame and other foundational elements of the windows can be strengthened and stabilized. Plus, extra protective measures—such as proper ventilation and protective glazes/coverings—can be taken during the restoration process to help refurbished stained glass endure even longer.

For all of your stained glass window restoration needs in Mechanicsburg, PA and surrounding areas, you can call on the experts at Cumberland Stained Glass to get the job done right. Our specialists are well-trained and experienced in the art of stained glass restoration, so you can be sure your windows will be brought back to their original condition once more.

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