2024 Interior Design Trends

We’re a few months into 2024, and new interior design trends continue to emerge. From retro revivals A photo of a room divided into 4 (diagonally) with each section showing the room with a different color scheme for its design. to modern twists on classic styles, each trend can be customized and incorporated in various ways. In this blog, we’ll go over some popular 2024 design trends, ensuring that whether you’re looking to refresh your home or business, need inspiration, or are daydreaming about future projects, our blog has you covered!

Nature and Minimalism

Under this overarching theme, styles such as Biophilic design, Japandi, and Neotenic reign supreme. Each of these styles offers a unique blend of minimalistic design principles and organic elements:

Biophilic Designs: This trend is characterized by a focus on nature, greenery-filled rooms, raw materials, and incorporating natural light.

Japandi Aesthetics: The fusion of Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese rustic simplicity, known as Japandi, is about balance, functionality, and muted colors with a pop of bold contrast.

Neotenic Designs: Neotenic design is characterized by shapes that evoke a sense of childhood joy and nostalgia – such as rounded arches and soft curves.

Vibrant and Bold

While minimalism is still popular, 2024 continues to see design styles that shatter the boundaries of conventional decor, celebrating color, pattern, and personality. The following trends redefine spaces as bold expressions of individuality and joy:

Dark Academia: Dark academia is all about deep, dark tones, rich woods, and velvet textures. While it’s great in home offices, this style can work in any room!

Maximalism: The “more is more” philosophy of maximalism is all about personal expression—bold colors, textures, and patterns harmonize with thoughtfully incorporated trinkets.

Memphis Design Style: Pioneered by the design and architecture group “Memphis Group” in the 1980s, the Memphis Design Style is characterized by geometric shapes, strong patterns, and bold colors.

Eclectic and Vintage

Still embracing the eclecticism and statement pieces of the past, these trends celebrate the revival of historical styles in a contemporary context, allowing for personal expression and creating spaces that are both familiar and fresh:

1970’s Retro: For this 70’s revival, the focus is on warm colors, retro floral patterns, and a touch of kitsch.

Mid-Century Modern: This style focuses on simple, geometric shapes and has a muted color scheme punctuated with bursts of classic mid-century colors like mustard yellow or avocado green.

Art Deco: This style marries luxury with symmetry, showcasing a blend of rich materials and intricate patterns in its designs.

Incorporating Custom Stained Glass Into Your Space

These design trends can be a great guide to inspire you as you transform your space. When it comes to doing so, consider adding a timeless element, such as a custom stained glass feature, to make your space uniquely “you.”

No matter the trend, stained glass offers endless opportunities for customization and personal expression. Whether you choose a bold and modern design or a simple design with pops of color, adding a unique stained glass piece to your home or business provides aesthetic appeal, functionality, and unique charm.

At Cumberland Stained Glass, we’ve been helping our clients create, restore, and repair stained glass in their spaces for over 25 years. We offer our services to homesbusinesses, and places of worship, ensuring that no matter what the space is, Cumberland can help. To learn more or get started, fill out a contact form today!