How to Refresh Your Space in the New Year

The new year is a time for new beginnings, and what better way to start afresh than by rejuvenating theYoung woman using a measuring tape on the wall spaces we live and work in? Whether it’s your cozy home or your bustling business, refreshing your space can transform your daily life. Below are some ways you can refresh your space this year!

Declutter and Deep Clean

Sometimes, the simplest changes can make the biggest difference. Taking the time to declutter can free up space and create a less overwhelming environment. After you’ve decided what’s staying and what’s leaving, give your space a deep clean. While often saved for spring, doing a deep clean in the winter is a great way to feel energized and prepared for the new year!

Incorporate New Additions

While every space is different, bringing in new additions, whether décor or functional, can make a world of difference. Even a small folder can turn a cluttered desk into a clean one! Some top choices are:

  • Hardware and Accents: Incorporating accent pillows, updating hardware on desks or cabinets, or swapping out your old light fixtures are small ways to make a large impact.
  • Updated Surfaces: Color has a profound impact on the atmosphere of any space. Whether painting an accent wall or refreshing old shelves with contact paper, the right color can energize a workspace, create a relaxing bedroom retreat, or make your living room feel more welcoming.
  • Plants: Bringing elements of nature indoors is a timeless way to revitalize any space. Indoor plants enhance aesthetic appeal, improve air quality, and boost mood.
  • Stained Glass: A unique and often overlooked way to breathe new life into your surroundings is through the vibrant beauty of stained glass

Introducing stained glass is a unique way to elevate the ambiance of your space. No two spaces are the same, which is why custom stained glass solutions can make such a difference! Whether it’s a small accent piece or a large focal point, stained glass can be tailored to fit your space.

Repair and Restore

While tossing out a dull couch or desk can be tempting, taking the time to repair and restore your space and furniture is incredibly rewarding. Some great ways to do so include:

  • Deep cleaning your rugs or carpets
  • Polishing metal fixtures
  • Reupholstering your couch or chairs
  • Refinishing your desk

And, of course, repairing or restoring your stained glass!

If you already have stained glass in your home or business, the new year is a perfect time to ensure it’s in top condition. Stained glass restoration and repair often falls at the end of most people’s to-do lists. However, doing so can instantly transform your space! Over time, stained glass can suffer from wear and tear, losing some of its original luster. Professional restoration can bring back the vibrancy and detail that may have faded over the years.

Transform Your Space With Stained Glass

Whether you want to add a new piece to your collection or restore an existing one to its former glory, Cumberland Stained Glass is here to help. With over 25 years of experience in crafting, restoring, repairing, and installing stained glass, we’re confident that we can bring your vision to life. We offer our services to homes, businesses, and places of worship, ensuring that no matter what the space is, Cumberland can help. To learn more or get started, fill out a contact form today!