The Best Colors (And Combinations!) For Stained Glass

The 2023 Pantone color of the year was released in December, and it’s already popping up in fashion, Different color wheels appliances, and home goods! The color, Viva Magenta, is a deeply vibrant pink-purple.

Many people use the Pantone color to inspire them to redecorate or add unique features to their homes. In fact, people have even made features out of each color of the year, such as murals or stained glass windows, with each square being a different color of the year! Hours after the announcement of Viva Magenta, consumers began seeing the color on kettles, blankets, and clothing! If Viva Magenta isn’t your thing- no sweat! Below are some striking color/color combination suggestions for stained glass.

Primary Colors

Blue, red, and yellow are the primary colors. Famously depicted in the Frank Lloyd Wright window, pieces using all primary colors are bold and beautiful.

Complimentary Colors

For combinations, complimentary colors work best, such as: red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple…the list goes on! If you’re stumped on what colors to choose, print out a color wheel- pick a color that speaks to you and look directly opposite. There will lie its’ complimentary color!

The Colors That Are In The Depiction

Of course, if you’re doing a specific depiction, true-to-form colors are best- unless you want a blue tree with orange leaves! We won’t judge!

At the end of the day, while certain colors will embolden a piece, whatever colors make you happy will make your stained glass the most special. If you need inspiration for designs, check out our blog, or give us a call! We are happy to assist you with any and all of your stained glass needs.


Stained glass will always be a beautiful addition to your home or business, so don’t hesitate to make your space your own private work of art. At Cumberland Stained Glass, we pride ourselves on creating thoughtful, ornate, stained glass pieces. To get started on your stained glass service, or to inquire about restoring stained glass, please call us at 717-691-8290.