How To Protect Your Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass in PALike regular glass, stained glass windows are prone to damage. Relatively fragile construction as the first line of defense from the elements increase exposure to scratches, cracks and even shattering. Water damage, for one, can be quite detrimental to stained glass. It can pit the glass and corrode away the metal framing. Excessive moisture can get trapped against the window making it look foggy and discolored.

You can combat stained glass damage, keeping it clean with regular maintenance. Dirt and debris can build up against the glass and even get in between panels. It can dull the stained glass with a dusty surface taking away from its vibrancy. Using the proper cleaning liquids, stained glass should be cleaned at least once a month. Regular maintenance keeps windows clean and can help cleaners spot potential problems right away.

Extreme weather can cause breaks or chips in the stained glass. Small problems can be fixed easier, quicker and more cost-effectively in comparison to large repairs or entire replacements. A small crack might not seem like an issue but it can expand due to weather or stress into a split that negatively impacts the structural integrity of the glass. Small repairs made along the way protect your stained glass from falling apart or needing a full replacement.

Protective glazing is also an option for comprehensive protection of your stained glass window. This glazing can be installed to existing stained glass to protect against wear and tear as well as the weather conditions. It adds another layer of security between the stained glass and outside elements that could cause damage. It can combat water, wind, hail and scratching just to name a few threats to your stained glass.

Stained glass isn’t necessarily weaker or in more danger that regular glass. However, stained glass is more difficult to manufacture, repair and replace. Therefore, having proper protection of your stained glass can help prevent more intensive, expensive problems. Scheduled cleaning and inspecting are great ways to guard your stained glass. Protective glazing is also a valuable option for new, used and vintage stained glass.