Main Components to Interior Design

Stained Glass

When you break interior design down to its basic components, the process becomes much easier. There are elements that comprise the tangibles of a visually pleasing room. If you use these design elements as a guide for decorating your home, you could easily create the ultimate space. Light The element of light can refer to… Read more »

How To Protect Your Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass in PA

Like regular glass, stained glass windows are prone to damage. Relatively fragile construction as the first line of defense from the elements increase exposure to scratches, cracks and even shattering. Water damage, for one, can be quite detrimental to stained glass. It can pit the glass and corrode away the metal framing. Excessive moisture can… Read more »

Color & How Useful it is in Your Home

Colorful Stained Glass

The amount of color in a space can make or break its function. Kitchens look great with cooler colors such as blue and grey while studies and dens are perfect with warmer tones, such as browns and reds. Warm tones, like red, orange and yellow can energize a space and its occupants while cooler tones… Read more »

How the Value of Stained Glass Evolved

the Renaissance

Initially designed to relay bible stories to the illiterate, stained glass windows have evolved into much more refined implications. With the elimination of ornate religious icons throughout the Renaissance, the initial utility evolved with the demands of European society. With the earliest stained glass windows created for the Roman Catholic Church to tell Bible stories… Read more »

A Guide To Buying Stained Glass

Stained glass is re-entering modern design and can be found in more homes and offices than ever before as a window treatment, piece of furniture or ornate décor. Available as an antique or recently made, stained glass can be purchased in small, local shops as well as large chain department stores. It can also be… Read more »

The Perfect Addition to Any Interior Color Scheme

Interior design void of color is plain and uninspiring. However, bold coloring in the rooms throughout your dwelling function on so many different levels. There are reasons we find certain color schemes visually appealing and inspiring. Each and every one of these reasons have to do with psychology.   There is a reason neutral colors… Read more »

How Stained Glass is made

Stained glass is among the greatest accomplishments of modern man. It casts the unparalleled beauty of natural lighting in a completely different, well, light. Having been an institution for over 5,000 years, the art of stained glass is a trade passed down through generations. Obviously, the design must first be established and the requisite colors… Read more »

Restoring Stained Glass: a New Art for Old Craftsmanship

Stained Glass

Antique stained glass windows were first crafted at the hands of Egyptian and Roman artists 2,000 years ago. Adopted and popularized by the Catholic Church, as component of the Holy Roman Empire, stained glass windows have remained commonplace in churches, and homes to a lesser degree, for hundreds and hundreds of years. Common in homes… Read more »

Stained Glass More than Just Windows

When someone says “stained glass,” people most commonly think about windows. These huge, colorful windows that can be found in churches and historical buildings throughout the world are the only way stained glass is used. This material is actually used to make one-of-a-kind gifts that can be given for any sort of holiday, birthday or… Read more »

Selling Points on Stained Glass in the Home

American Stained Glass

Stained glass was once only used as an alternative for traditional glass windows in churches. The colors and images depicted religious figures and became synonymous with classic, renaissance buildings. After years of manufacturing and popularity, stained glass windows fell out of the spotlight. Luckily, they are making a comeback and are now being used for… Read more »