Why Stained Glass Windows Are Omnipresent in Churches

Stained Glass Windows

Over the years many churches have incorporated stained glass windows in their design. If you were to visit Europe today to tour the grand old cathedrals, you’d be amazed at the beautiful stained glass windows in many of them. When Were Stained Glass Windows First Developed? When did stained glass windows “become a thing?” It… Read more »

Tips for Determining the Age of a Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass Window Age

Oftentimes people inherit stained glass windows since they buy an older house with them already in it, or, perhaps, they work at a church where the windows have been there “forever.” What are some tips for determining the age of a particular stained glass window? Historical Research Thankfully, with a little sleuthing, you can find… Read more »

Here’s Why Older Stained Glass Windows May Need to Be Restored

Stained Glass Window Restoration

Older stained glass windows might need restoration. Glass is, after all, a fragile substance. If properly supported, it can last a long time. However, if the grooved lead strips (also known as “cames”) holding the stained glass together deteriorates, that’s when you’d need window restoration. Gravity Cames, which can be made from lead, zinc or… Read more »

Tips for Maintaining Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Window Maintenance

One reason people like stained glass windows is because they don’t show dirt as much as clear windows do… that said, they can get dirty. How to Keep Them Clean What’s the best way to keep stained glass windows clean? If you dust the surfaces with a soft brush or dry cloth, you should be… Read more »

The Advantages of Protective Stained Glass Window Ventilation

Protective Stained Glass Window Ventilation

If you take a look at stained glass windows next time you visit a church, synagogue or public building, notice if there appears to be some sort of protective glazing over their windows. Most stained glass windows do have protective glazing, which helps protect stained glass from the effects of air pollution as well as… Read more »

York Minister’s Medieval Stained-Glass Window Restored

York Minister Cathedral

Several years ago, people were fighting to restore York Minister’s renowned stained-glass windows. Now, that dream has become a reality. History of York Minister Named for the town it was built in, York Minister has been a major Christian center in northern England for centuries. Although the earliest version dates back to 627 C.E., the… Read more »

How Stained Glass Windows Will Increase Your Privacy

Stained Glass Windows for Privacy

One of the reasons people end up having stained glass windows installed in their homes or at their businesses is for privacy concerns. Unlike typical windows, stained glass is much more effective at giving people privacy while still letting light in! Ideal for Rooms that Need Privacy Do you have a window in your bathroom?… Read more »

The Differences Between Quality and Lackluster Stained Glass Windows

Quality Stained Glass Windows

Just like with most things, there are good versions of stained glass and… bad versions. How can you tell the difference between quality and lackluster stained glass windows? Durability Levels Lackluster windows usually involve plastic laminate overlay or they have paint applied to the surface of the glass. These windows aren’t durable. Quality windows, like… Read more »

What Does the Color in Your Stained Glass Window Represent?

Stained Glass Window Colors

Certain colors are associated with certain things. When you think of green, what comes to mind? Nature? Money? How about blue? Water/the ocean? Red? Warnings? Stop Signs? Indeed, different colors help communicate different ideas, emotions and things. This is true for colors in stained glass windows, too. Take, for instance, the many beautiful stained glass… Read more »