How Stained Glass Windows can Improve the Look and Feel of Your Home

Residential Stained Glass Windows

For centuries stained glass windows have been associated with churches, right? Though many of today’s brand new churches opt for very simple, utilitarian design (looking like Wal-Marts!) there are plenty of older churches that make quite the artistic statement with their gorgeous windows and elements of design that help elevate the mood/spirit of all those… Read more »

A Fight to Preserve a Historical Set of Stained Glass Windows

York Minster Cathedral

Stained glass windows have been around for many centuries. These ornate windows, which have most commonly been used in places of worship, are known to have been used as early as the 7th century in Europe. One well-known example of ancient stained glass windows is at York Minster in York, England. A project is currently… Read more »

How Can Stained Glass Windows Benefit Your Business?

We live a Wal-Mart world where most things are utilitarian. Get people in, get people out, and don’t pay too much attention to what a place looks like, right? In an era of “big box stores,” it’s hard to find buildings and places that truly stand out from one another. If you’ve seen one Wal-Mart… Read more »

Why Stained Glass Windows Are a Wonderful Christmas Gift to Give

Custom stained glass window with flower

A long time ago, stained glass was for really rich people or for the church in town. Today, however, stained glass is readily available–at reasonable prices– to people who want it. As Christmas approaches, many people think of the beauty and wonder of God. Tis the season to remember the story of Christmas involving the… Read more »

Stained Glass Windows Are Becoming a Popular Home Décor Trend

For the longest time stained glass windows have been associated with churches, temples and mosques. Indeed, for hundreds of years the main places to find stained glass windows were chiefly houses of worship the world over. However, stained glass is starting to become popular for use in other public and private places, from restaurants to… Read more »

Are Protective Coverings for Stained Glass Windows Necessary?

Protective coverings for stained glass windows, while not always necessary, are generally something that will extend their longevity and help prevent damage. Cumberland Stained Glass regularly applies properly vented protective coverings to stained glass windows. Research has shown that one square inch of venting on the top and bottom of a window’s protective covering installation… Read more »

What are the Advantages of Stained Glass Windows?

Cleaning Stained Glass Windows

For centuries, grand cathedrals were known for their elaborate stained glass windows. In the old days, stained glass was a rarity, reserved for rich people and organizations like the Catholic Church who could afford them. Today, however, stained glass windows are seen in a variety of places and more affordable to the masses. Whether you’re… Read more »

How Were Stained Glass Windows Made in Medieval Times?

Stained glass windows have been around for a long time, and back in The Middle Ages, between 1150 and 1500, the creation, installation, and enjoyment of stained glass windows in European cathedrals had their heyday. Thanks to written records from people of the time, such as Theophilus, a German monk, we can have an understanding… Read more »

Stained Glass Windows Have an Important Place in World History

Stained glass windows have fascinated many people over the centuries. Not only are they colorfully beautiful, especially when the sun shines through them, but they also have the ability to communicate messages and stories to people long after they’re initially placed in a building. Did you know that stained glass windows were, for many years,… Read more »

The Importance of Protective Coverings for Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows can make a beautiful addition to just about any type of building. Whether you’re having new stained glass windows installed in a church, business, or any other type of property, you’re likely going to want to protect your investment. Not only do stained glass windows look great, but they also enhance your… Read more »