What Does the Color in Your Stained Glass Window Represent?

Stained Glass Window Colors

Certain colors are associated with certain things. When you think of green, what comes to mind? Nature? Money? How about blue? Water/the ocean? Red? Warnings? Stop Signs? Indeed, different colors help communicate different ideas, emotions and things. This is true for colors in stained glass windows, too. Take, for instance, the many beautiful stained glass… Read more »

The Types of Repairs Made on Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Window Repairs

People often wonder how much it would cost to have their stained glass window repaired. According to homeadvisor.com, the national average for a stained glass window repair is about $284. The typical range is between $173 and $416. The low end for repairs is $60 and the high end is $738. These are just estimates… Read more »

Can Cold Weather Cause Stained Glass Windows to Crack?

Cracked Stained Glass Windows

Can stained glass windows crack due to cold winter weather? Yes. When this happens, it’s called a “thermal stress crack.” An Overview of Thermal Stress Cracks When there’s a significant temperature change in the outdoor air temperature, cracks can occur in glass. Specifically, particles of the glass expand when heated and contract when cooled. In… Read more »

Stained Glass Windows Maintenance Tips

Stained Glass Windows Maintenance

What are some stained glass maintenance tips? Simple Repairs If you need to make a simple repair, you might try pushing putty into loose areas. You can use your fingers or a blunt piece of wood to get the putty where you want it to go. Furthermore, there’s a black pigment made from soot called… Read more »

How Is the Value of Stained Glass Windows Determined?

Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows are worth something, aren’t they? But how is their value determined? Some people think you can’t even put a value on certain windows because they’re “simply priceless,” but that’s not true. Every stained glass window in the world could conceivably be appraised and given an assessed value. Indeed, most are, for insurance… Read more »

A Brief Overviews of Stained Glass Repairs and Restorations

Stained Glass Window Reparis and Restoration

Here’s what often happens: someone in a church notices that the stained glass windows “look a little off.” Maybe a part seems to be crumbling, or air is being let in through a mysterious chip or crack. Perhaps dirt and grime has built up over the years and the windows have become noticeably dark, not… Read more »

Why Stained Glass Windows Are Vital to Gothic Architecture

Stained Glass Windows and Gothic Architecture

Gothic architecture originated in Europe back in the 1100s and flourished ‘til the 1500s. If you see really old churches from that era, you’ll notice “flying buttresses,” pointed arches, and stained glass windows. Indeed, the Gothic “look” is evident today on churches even built in the 1800s and early 1900s in America. European people who… Read more »

The Differences Between Stained and Leaded Glass

Stained Vs. Leaded Glass

What’s the difference between stained glass and leaded glass? Oftentimes, people use these terms interchangeably and that’s fine, though industry insiders would differentiate them in one major way: leaded suggests no color is involved while stained implies color. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Whether or not your glass is clear or stained, one thing is for… Read more »